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If you think others should view the information presented in these videos, please help us promote this website. We want to make this information available to everyone. TrueWorldHistory.info provides a convenient place to view numerous excellent videos as well as lots of other info. You can now direct people to lots of important information simply by providing one website address.

Online: Post the TrueWorldHistory.info website address everywhere you can. Comment on articles, message boards, anywhere. Post nothing else, just the website address. Subscribe to Google News Alerts for political candidates and other relevant topics like World History, Politics, Government, Religion, Federal Reserve, you get the idea. Donít pick too many because you wonít be able to keep up. Anytime you can, follow the links in those news alerts. Email authors of articles and/or any email address you can find on the website of that news source. Hit everything: sports message boards, scrapbooking forums, whatever you're already into anyway. Donít add any comments of your own, just the website address; the message will speak for itself. Of course, stamping it on existing literature is great too. There is also some code pasted below for badges that can be used on other web pages that will link to this website. You can also join any or all of our social networking groups/causes. Our current groups are our Facebook Group, and our Facebook Fan Page.

Offline: We have a limited amount of marketing materials that we will provide for free if you would like to help distribute them. Currently we have business cards, small stickers and bumper stickers. Just send an email to trueworldhistory (at) hotmail.com and let us know what you'd like and where to send it. Place the cards into books and magazines, leave them at cash registers, place them on car windows, leave them in credit card slots at gas pumps, etc. The small stickers are 1/2" x 3" and are designed for spots where people will be up close. We have a limited budget, but are producing materials as we can afford it. If you would like to make a donation to help produce more it would be appreciated and helpful. To do so, just click the Paypal donation button below. If you are on a tight budget, don't worry about donating. If you would like to make your own marketing materials we will be happy to provide you with artwork.

We also have some items set up in a CafePress store. To view these items, click here.

Help us direct as many people as possible to this website. If enough people hear and understand the message, freedom will prevail. We can rock the world!

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If you would like to make a donation to help produce more marketing materials it would be appreciated and helpful.

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