Happy Lawyer Bonus Chapter - The Story of Cinco and Mallie

This is the bonus chapter for our book, Happy Lawyer: The Art of Having it All Without Losing Your Mind.

Written by Dirk, this is the story of our first real contact with Mallie in October of 2007, and what transpired afterwards.

In 1994 I had started researching and studying how the world really works. It was life-changing to discover that the history of humanity was very different from the history that we are programmed to believe in school, on TV, and by other institutional information gatekeepers. The information was difficult to find at that time, but available (mostly in books) to those who dug for it.

By 2007, the internet and DVDís had blown the lid off the monopoly on the flow of information available that had existed for many decades. Video was now king, and there were numerous good documentaries available for viewing and sharing. I started emailing links to everyone I could think of. Then I decided it would be better to just create a website that contained them all, so I could just send one link. With the help of my website designer friend Marc, TrueWorldHistory.info was born. At first, there were only four videos on it. At the time of this writing there are around 500.

Once TWH was live, I wrote a few paragraphs describing it. I sent this out to every email address I had, and posted it on I donít know how many message boards. My hope was for it to go viral, and help inform as many people as possible. I closed out the message with the line, ďFasten your seatbelt.Ē

It was mid-week, but I felt extremely compelled for Beverly and I to go to Padre Island on the Texas coast and drive way down-island where only 4wd vehicles can go to a place known as Big Shell. We had spent our honeymoon camping there, and it is a really special place for us. Bev didnít really know why, but she left work and we set out. By the time we made it about 45 miles down the beach to our favorite spot, night had fallen. We sat in my Jeep Cherokee and talked about many different subjects surrounding the previous few months.

After a while, we were just sitting quietly and watching the stars. I didnít realize it, but Bev had entered a trance-like state and said to me something like, ďDo. You. See. What. I. Am. Doing?Ē ďDoes. This. Happen. To. You?" Her voice was very broken and choppy. I looked at her, and saw her arm suspended in front of her. I replied, "No." I sat and watched her arm slowly make the motion of fastening a seatbelt. Whatever or whoever was controlling her body was physically acting out what I had signed off my TWH email message with. It gave me goosebumps. Overall, it took about 20 minutes for her to complete the action. Itís likely that I had sent the email to Beverly as well, but neither of us can remember if she read it, or if so, whether or not it was before or after the trip to Big Shell.

Afterwards, Bev told me how something similar had been happening to her about once a year for about as long as she could remember. She had just chalked it up to something that everyone experienced when they prayed. Until that moment, she had never shared it with anyone. I didnít understand what was happening at the time. A little later, she dozed off to sleep.

While she was sleeping, I noticed some lights in the sky moving in from the Gulf of Mexico. After watching for a minute or so, I realized the lights were definitely not like any aircraft I had ever seen before. It dawned on me that they were UFOís. The preceding days leading up to that moment had been so strange and surreal that I thought at the time that this would start happening regularly so I didnít bother to wake Bev up. She was exhausted and I didnít want to disturb her. The lights were twinkling yellow and white, and appeared to be floating along without making any sound at all. They were approaching from the southeast, and were grouped in pairs. The pairs alternated directions, with one pair breaking to the north along the shoreline, and the next pair breaking west towards the Texas mainland. Overall, there were about a dozen pairs of these lights, and it took probably about 20 minutes until they all disappeared out of sight. It turned out to not be a common occurence at all. The only other time I've seen one since then was at Burning Man in 2010. It was very late on our last night there. I saw one of those same lights for about 15 seconds before it disappeared. I was near our camp and tried to get back in time to show Bev, but it had disappeared by the time I returned.

Anyway, back to the beach. After the UFO's were gone, I picked up the shortwave radio I had with us. I started scanning the entire range of frequencies to see what was on. I slowly moved up the dial and came across scores of preachers spewing fire and brimstone. I finally came across one broadcast that was like a light in the darkness. It was a couple of guys talking about channeling, and I listened with fascination. I thought, was that what Bev had been doing?

We had planned on staying there for several days, but the next day we both really felt like we should just go back to San Antonio. That night, while we were lying in bed, her arm movements started again. What had been a once-a-year occurrence for her started happening almost daily. At first, it was just slow arm movements. After a month or two, spoken words started to come through. They were very broken at first and sounded very struggled. It would sometimes take 20 or 30 seconds for one to come out. This improved with time. A little later, she started automatic writing. At first, it would take several minutes for her to write one word. It took up an entire sheet of paper, and looked like a 3 year old had written it. This began to improve with time as well.

At first, we really didnít know who (or what) was communicating through Beverly. She kept ďhearingĒ the name Amalia, but neither of us knew anyone by that name. Bev had never met my grandmother, but she knew her name was Molly. Although she had always spelled her name Mallie, my family had a restaurant throughout the 90's named Molly Joe's after Mallie and my grandfather. We had altered it for aesthetics. Bev also had a niece on her way named Molly, who was born several months later. Bev kept trying to make a connection to the name Molly, but what kept coming through was Amalia. She also kept seeing an image of a young woman dressed in 1920ís flapper style, but didnít recognize who it was.

Then one day I asked my mom if she had Mallieís birth certificate. She said yes and started looking for it. When she found it, we discovered that her momís name was actually spelled Amallie. Shortly after that, my sister brought over a photo she had found of Mallie. In it, she was dressed in 1920ís flapper style, and Bev got goosebumps when she saw it. The image she had been seeing while channeling was identical to the photo my sister found.

We finally knew who had been visiting us. It was the spirit entity that at one time had been my maternal grandmother, Mallie. We also learned that she wasnít alone. A ďsoul-groupĒ including Bevís Dad, Bill (who had passed away in 2005) was visiting us, along with a few others. Mallie was basically the spokesperson (spokespirit?). BTW, they donít really like being referred to as ďdead people.Ē They prefer the term ďtransitioned.Ē In spirit form, they no longer are the people whose bodies they had inhabited as human when we knew them, but that is how they appear to us because that is what is familiar to us. We refer to them collectively as our Guides.

For the next couple of years, as Bev channeled regularly, the connection became stronger and the messages became more complex. We were asking lots of questions and receiving lots of answers. They pretty much have access to all human knowledge, which can be very handy. They wonít really answer specific questions about the future. First of all, because they donít want to ruin the human experience for us and reveal the last chapter of the book so to speak. Second, they say the future is not set and is more like probabilities. Free will is in play and they cannot predict the outcome of it. Issues in the collective consciousness of humanity have a higher probability of happening, but on an individual level itís more of an unknown. Most of our questions were (and are) about personal issues, like finance and health. I was also asking lots of questions regarding content on TWH, which was very helpful in deciding which videos to include, and which ones to weed out. There is a lot of information out there regarding these subjects, and not all of it is true. There is a lot of both misinfo (mistaken false information) and disinfo (deliberate false information) floating around in cyberspace. I have not questioned them about every single video on TWH, but have conversed with them mostly about the big picture concepts. In general, though, they prefer to answer questions that will serve us personally in some way, and not issues that we have no effect on or control of. However, on one occasion when I asked about TWH content and whether or not humanity will ever be truly free, their response was, ďItís a sweet time to be human.Ē

By early 2010, the channeling had improved a lot. When speaking, whole sentences were coming through. When writing, full pages were coming through and the penmanship was pretty good. Beverly was nearing the end of her second year in her corporate counsel job. She had become interested in nutrition and really started changing her diet. We had bought a water ionizer in 2008, and she was drinking it very consistently. She had started noticing big differences in how she felt just from drinking ionized water, which led her to starting to research nutrition as well.

At the time, my father (Tommy) was in his third year of fighting leukemia. His nickname was Cinco (Spanish for five), and that was his grandfather name. It stemmed from his childhood, where he grew up in a small East Texas town and his familyís phone number was 5. That was his lucky number throughout his life. We had watched him suffer immensely while enduring round after round of chemotherapy. He was told at the time of diagnosis on July 4th, 2007 that his form of leukemia was incurable, and that chemo would just prolong his life for another six to 24 months. We started to realize that the things we were learning about nutrition would probably help him. He was not interested in listening, though. To him, his institutionally trained oncologist knew best, and he had no interest in any other information. He did not realize that the information that would help him become well again was suppressed from being taught in medical schools by the criminal pharmaceutical cartel that had taken over the medical schools and regulatory agencies. It's information that they could not only not profit from, but that was a huge threat to their current profits. We had bought my parents a water ionizer, but he wasnít using it. Bev had lost her father five years earlier due to his fight with lung cancer, and this issue was heavy on her heart.

Bev and I had decided we wanted to sell water ionizers, and we had heard about some retail businesses centered on ionized water machine sales that had opened in California. We had started on a planned trip to New Mexico and Arizona to promote a business of ours called KokoMotion.com. Itís online sales of kokopelli-themed items like shirts, hats, stickers, etc. As we were driving through eastern New Mexico, we couldnít stop thinking and talking about the water ionizers and the water stores we had heard about. We both felt really compelled to postpone the marketing plans for KokoMotion and go check out the water stores in California.

We pulled into Sedona, AZ the next afternoon. We had both been wanting to go there for a while, and it seemed like the perfect place to spend a couple of nights on our way to Cali. We had heard about the energy vortexes in the Sedona area, and wanted to visit one or a few of them. After a little investigation, we decided to go check out the one at Bell Rock.

As we were hiking along, I asked Bev which way we should go. She was already feeling the presence of the Guides very strongly. We didnít know exactly where the vortex was, but the message she was receiving was for me to just go wherever I felt compelled to go. That was easy, we headed higher up the rock. As we were entering a narrow ascending crevice, we noticed the bark on many of the trees was twisted from growing in a corkscrew fashion. They say this is from the swirling energy rising out of the vortex that causes the trees to twist while growing.

We had gotten to a point where it was steep enough to be using our hands. I glanced down to check on Bev, and noticed that she was basically frozen in place where she was. I asked if she wanted me to come back down to her, and she nodded yes. She later explained to me that she had tried to step up to follow me, but that some unseen force was keeping her feet right where they were. When she lifted up a foot, something set it straight back to the ground. When I got back down to her, she managed to turn around, and we sat side by side on a big rock.

Thatís when the floodgates opened.

For the prior 2 Ĺ years, Bevís channeling had improved significantly. At the Bell Rock vortex, it took a big jump forward. That was the first time it turned into almost normal conversation. The words flowed with ease, and Mallie and I really said hi to each other for the first time. We talked about numerous things, and laughed about some things from decades past. However, the main topic of conversation was Cinco. We discussed how to help him, and the Guides said they would help lay out a nutritional protocol for him that would put his immune system back into top shape so it could deal with his problem.

We returned to our hotel with our minds racing. This information would not only help Cinco, but it could help anyone. We began formulating our plan for our water store, and decided to incorporate all of the suggestions of the Guides. The protocol, including a few things weíve learned since then, is linked to below. Itís an updated version that we have sent to many people in the years since then.

We continued to Cali to check out the water stores, but were eager to return home to talk with my parents. Cinco still wasnít interested, however. He fully trusted that his doctor had all available information and was treating him with the best method available. What did I know? After all, I was just the kid who threw parties and took people camping for a living. I had an ace in the hole, though. I had been growing out my hair for a couple of years and he hated it. I made a deal with him. If he would follow our protocol, Iíd cut my hair.

I was very grateful that both my mom and my sister were open to this information and the source of it. We recruited their help and got to work. By then, Cinco was in really bad shape, and everyone including his doctor thought the end was near. He didnít really feel up to radically changing his diet and lifestyle habits, and was only doing it begrudgingly. We were only able to get him to do about 75% of the list, but he did it for about 10 days. My sister kept meticulous records of what he was ingesting on a daily basis, and created charts that compared it to his blood test results.

For the first time since his diagnosis almost three years earlier, his blood counts were in the normal range. His oncologist sat looking at his computer screen in shock. He stared at it and repeated three times, ďI donít understand it.Ē My mom and I looked at each other and just smiled. Later, my aunt actually believed that Cinco had paid off the doctor to falsify his test results so the family wouldnít worry.

Cinco had made us promise we wouldnít say anything to his doctor about what we were doing, and we honored it. Unfortunately, his doctor made the assumption that after almost three years the chemo must finally be working and ordered another round of it. We were dismayed when my father refused to consider doing anything other than what his doctor told him to do. We asked him to simply delay the chemo, but to no avail. The next day, he entered the hospital for chemo, and all of his progress was wiped out.

He was in the hospital for six weeks recovering. By the time he returned home in July, he was as weak as he had been before starting our protocol. We got him back on the program immediately, and again he only did about 75% of it. This time it lasted another 10 days. The results were the same. All of his blood tests from the time he had the chemo treatment until the time he was released from the hospital were really bad again. During the second 10 day period he followed most of our protocol, his blood tests again showed counts that were back up in the normal range. His oncologist once again came to the wrong conclusion, and decided it was a delayed reaction from the chemo and ordered another round of it.

And just like that, he was back in the hospital for six more weeks getting worse. We had hoped to start him on the protocol again when he got back home, but in his very weak condition he came down with pneumonia and ended up back in the hospital for another month. By the time he returned home in October he was almost too weak to try again, and made no further effort to attempt it. He grew weaker for a couple of months, and passed away three days before Christmas. At the moment he transitioned I glanced at my watch. It was 5:55 PM.

Both Bev and I were incorporating our recommendations to him in our personal lives as well. We both wanted to optimize our health, and figured we didnít want to ask him to do anything that we wouldnít do ourselves. We also realized that if this protocol was capable of enabling our immune systems to be able to heal us of serious health issues, then adopting it as our daily routine was the best way of not getting to that point to begin with. In a matter of months we both observed dramatic changes in our bodies and how we felt. I had inadvertently lost about 45 pounds, and we both felt years younger.

A couple of months later, we opened our wellness center, named H2.0 Next Generation Water. We met a lot of great people and learned a lot during the two years it was open. But, we were in a very expensive part of San Antonio and the overhead was too much for us. However, it was very fulfilling to be able to help as many people as we were able to in those two years.

We consulted with the Guides regarding the health issues of many of our clients. What we learned is that if you put the right nutrients in the body, keep out as many of the toxins in our environment as well as our personal lives as possible, and detox the contaminants that are already in there, then our immune systems will be able to effectively take care of almost any degenerative condition that could befall us. The formula is basically the same. For every person we asked the Guides about, the first four items on the list linked to below were always the first four things the Guides recommended. After that, there were a few variations depending on the issue.

On one occasion, a man visited our store who had been told by his doctor he only had a couple of weeks left and that nothing else could be done for him. We can't even remember what he had, but he was in pretty bad shape. That night, we asked Mallie if the protocol would work even for him. What came through was somewhat of a chuckle and, "What have we been telling you?" Unfortunately, we never saw the man again. Mallie basically said that as long as someone is still kicking, has the belief that it will work and the determination to go all-in and do it, then it will work.

However, when most people are diagnosed with a serious issue, they are bombarded with information and advice from all directions. Most also have a difficult time being open to new information that challenges their belief system. In those two years, we really only had two people follow our recommended protocol after being diagnosed with some serious issues. One had leukemia, and one had cirrhosis. Neither did the protocol 100%, but they both hit the list very hard. In both instances, after one month, both of their doctors essentially said to just keep doing whatever is was that they were doing because there was no sign of their issue anymore.

Since then we have learned even more, and continue to seek out new information. Our diets and habits arenít perfect, but we still do really well with it and havenít looked back. The information that led to unbelievable results for Cinco and our clients who have followed it is still very powerful. Our mission is to help as many people as we can with it.

Are you ready to embark on a brave new journey? Follow the link below to see what the Guides led us to having Cinco do. The immune boosting protocol that is listed is basically what we had him doing, with a few additions that we've learned since then. All get a thumbs up from Mallie and the gang.

Cinco's Immune Boosting Protocol

Last updated June 30, 2017